Fully automatic registration of mileage and hours of car, driver and passengers

Trip Registration System

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  • Realtime overview of where your vehicles drive, are parked or drove through live GPS tracking
  • Clear insight into cost of fuel usage and administrative efficiency by linking with the fuel pass
  • Clarity about the timesheets by combining with Footstapp
  • Insight into the (project and work order) addresses visited
  • Monitoring driving behavior
  • Protection of vehicles against theft by means of immobilizer
  • Alarm events in case of theft, tamper and safety zone notifications
  • Trip Registrations System Certification (conform to the requirements of the Dutch tax authorities)

Trip Registration: automatic registration of mileage and hours 
A comprehensive, fiscally certified administration of mileage and hours that offers you a real-time overview of all your vehicles, employees and projects; ITmobile’s Trip Registration system makes it possible. With trip registration you create an important foundation for cost effective and transparent business operations. You are able to monitor the driving behavior of your employees through advanced GPS tracking and at the same time receive an insight in the fuel costs incurred and the time sheets through the combination with Footstapp®, for short, the time clock reinvented and always accurate down to the minute.

The application for objective mileage registration
Whether it concerns the car, driver, passenger or the working project; ITmobile always knows to objectively provide you with important information. This is how we have been laying the foundation for years. For businesses striving for a fully automated field employee administration with objective time registration. Thanks to the Trip Registration system you will know exactly where your company vehicles drive, are parked or have recently driven. If you make use of the app an insight into recently visited project and work order addresses comes naturally. Furthermore, by smart linking fuel card and administration, efficiency is not a coincidence but a standard.

Trip Administration ensures tax advantage 
Our Trip Registration system possesses the certification of the Stichting Keurmerk RitRegistratieSystemen (Foundation Quality Mark Trip Registration Systems). This means that the system complies with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration’s legal requirements. Implementing the ITmobile applications lightens the load of the fiscal trip administration. That is because the Trip Registration system registers per trip undertaken the date, start and end mileage, address and postcode of departure and arrival, the route driven, numbering of trips, type of trip, any ‘detour’ mileage and totals per day; exactly the information that the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration would like to receive from you. 

Additionally ITmobile possesses information security in accordance with the standards of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. There are strict checks and continuous investments in the latest security technologies so that it is impossible for your data to end up in the hands of unauthorized people.

The data will also be stored for 7 years and can always be retrieved retroactively on request of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration or your accountant.

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Trip registration: the advantages

  • Administrative efficiency
  • Real-time insight in driving behavior and vehicle data
  • Clarity about the time sheets of your personnel
  • Security of vehicles against theft thanks to immobilizer
  • Alarm in case of theft, sabotage and safety zone notifications

Smart technology as basis for our trip administration
The technical foundation of the Trip Registration system is formed by the Smartbox. Application of the latest advancements in technology mean the lowest use of power and no deviations in the mileage. Drivers log on through their RF card or Dallas token. There is also continuous insight in the technical situation of the car through connection with the CAN-Bus. 

Real-time insight from two data streams
The data collected by the system is offered to the central database in two data streams. By means of this data the car will be displayed continuously live on the map. This map and the reporting software will be made available to you through a login code and secure account on our Fielddesk database.

  • ITmobile installs the Smartbox;
  • Driver and passengers hold tokens in front of token reader;
  • Through the token Smartbox registers what person drives the vehicle;
  • The car starts and drives away;
  • All data is offered to the central database by the system.


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