Automatic registration of worked hours


  • Objective registration of work, commuting and travel time for project and payroll administration.
  • Customer convenience. You don’t have to worry about your administration.
  • Monitor your budget and control your expenses. Monitor your planning, know you project status
  • Automated time registration gives a much improved handle on project progress at lower overhead costs
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What is Footstapp®?

For short: the time clock, reinvented. Footstapp® is the most advanced concept for registration of travel time and working hours. Especially for businesses with mobile employees. From departure to coming home the activities are recorded, split over specific projects. All fully automatic and accurate down to the minute.

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By automatically registering working hours nothing will be entered or rounded incorrectly. Footstapp® offers actual, real-time insight into personnel and project costs. Those personnel costs will be offered to your financial administration in the form of “salary pre-processing” for immediate processing. You will pay the hours worked and you avoid overheads.

The actual project costs will continuously be compared against the estimated costs. Purpose: establish timely whether the project will be delivered within estimated time and costs. Footstapp® means an enormous lightening of the load. They will never again have to deal with time registration.

With Footstapp® ITmobile creates a win-win situation for employers and employees. Would you like to know what Footstapp® can mean for your organization?
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Footstapp® is part of ITmobile’s Smart Mobility concept and can therefore be combined with numerous other solutions.

Footstapp® can be installed on the smartphones of employees. Based on patterns in location changes and times a differentiation will be made between working hours, travel and private time. At every use and input Footstapp® learns to better recognize behavior. Insight will then be provided into all data in the desktop application FieldDesk. This is also where a proposal is generated for the working hours and project statements. Additionally, in this program data can be added to, adjusted and approved.

For an even more accurate result Footstapp® can also be linked to ITmobile’s Black Box. With this vehicles can be tracked continuously, accurate to the meter. Do multiple people make use of one vehicle? With the FieldLog unit all working hours of the passengers present can be registered.

In addition Footstapp® is compatible with our DeskPlan application. With it assignments can be scheduled for employees. Afterwards registered working hours can be compared to the scheduling made in advance.

Footstapp is the world’s first auto-functioning time registration app

1. I don't record my hours. 
2. Footstapp® does it for me.
3. Footstapp® knows when I'm someplace working
4. and keeps track of that information accurately and transparently.
5. So I know my hours are being logged correctly 
6. and so does my boss. 
7. I don't have to worry about a thing. 
8. Footstapp® makes everything a little easier.
9. And it fits right in my pocket. 
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Subproducts of Footstapp

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FieldLog ensures that all information is displayed clearly in the various reports
Displays on the online map where your field employees are in realtime
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